Saturday, April 11, 2009

Playing Catch Up…Again

036Hello one and all.  Not much going on around here, we’ve been in full Holy Week Swing, with Resurrection Day approaching tomorrow.  It’s been a great week watching the boys learn more about the death and resurrection of our Lord.  We made our usual resurrection mountain and have been acting out with the pipe cleaner people events that happened during the week.  Of course, we always wonder just how much they are learning because the attention span of a 2 and 4 year old is nothing to write home about, but then little moments like this happen that make it all worth it:

020  This is Jake explaining to Warren what each of the Resurrection Eggs means, and Warren was listening to him!  It was great.


So last night as we were on our way to church for Good Friday service, Jake was explaining to Warren how Samson killed a lion with his bare hands.  The conversation went something like this:

And Samson killed the lion with no gun and no lightsaber!  He had bare feet and bare hands!

It was hilarious.  We were trying not to laugh out loud so as not to discourage Jake, but it was priceless.  Samson didn’t even use that lightsaber he had!


This past Wednesday, Grammy and Papa took Jake and cousin Hannah to a bubble exhibit so we told Warren he got to go to McDonald’s and play on the play thing.  I got some great shots while we were there.

















My parents came for a visit and the only evidence I have is this:

001 My dad’s legs with boys attached.


Aubrey is into everything.  It’s pretty well impossible to keep this girl contained.  She likes to squeeze into tight places, like between our couch and end table.  I don’t know how she fits in there, but we’re having to yank her out of there every once in a while.  When Ryan was taking out the trash one evening, before we could bat an eye, she ended up here:

018 Playing in the trash cupboard!  Gross.  Her favorite place to explore is the toilet, so we now have to keep the bathroom door closed.  Hopefully this stage will not last all that long.


And most of you probably know by now that there will be another little Trzeciak joining the ranks in late October.  We are all excited, Jake most of all.  He’s SURE it’s a girl.  We think he wants another girl because Aubrey hasn’t reached the annoying little sibling stage yet and he likes girls for now.  I go in Tuesday for my registration (paperwork) appointment, but will also get an ultrasound that day as well.  We’ll keep you posted!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For Shilo

I am indebted to Shilo for asking me to get a picture of Aubrey’s teeth, because the result was one of the funniest (that’s a word, right?) pictures I’ve ever seen of these guys!


 Messy face aside, it’s pretty cute eh?