Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Week Gone

Thanks for all the name suggestions, they were extremely "helpful." We still haven't narrowed down a middle name, but are probably going to settle on Rachel for the first name. Hey, we still have 2 weeks, no pressure.

2 weeks-yikes. I made a list of the things I need to do, currently there are 7, but I took care of the dresser situation and washed all the new clothes, so 6 items remain. Ryan will be home in T minus 2 1/2 hours, so we'll take care of some of the rest today. It doesn't seem real that we will have a new baby here very soon.

We were at our landlord's house yesterday for a bit and they had a baby at the end of December. I forgot how wiggly little babies are!

So my plan for the summer when the boys are needing to be somewhere away from the house (because they have too much energy for this small space) is to just send them downstairs in our nice big yard to play, but as of right now the gate surrounding the house and yard is broken and we live one house down from a pretty busy street. Bummer. I guess we'll have to invest in some shock collars to keep them in the perimeter. Maybe we can borrow Billy's (my parent's dog).

That's all for now. We'll keep you all updated on the wee one!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Counting Down

As slowly as the time creeps by when you're anticipating a big event, looking backwards is a completely different story. I can't believe I only have 3 weeks until my due date (which means 4 weeks left until the actual delivery, based on my averages). I should probably start thinking about packing for the hospital soon, but the funny thing about this time around is that I don't feel any real sense of urgency. I should probably do lots of things, like wash all the cute pink clothes we've gotten and put them in the baby's drawers, although an important step before that is to get the drawers upstairs and in the closet! Maybe the most pressing thing is that we need to get cracking on a name. We rarely even talk about it, which is funny because it's such a huge decision. Ryan is in a summer school class which ends next Friday, so maybe after that we'll get serious about this baby and what needs to be done in anticipation of her arrival. (Let's hope it's really a 'her.') For now, I'm taking it super easy and enjoying the remaining time with just the boys.

ps-any name suggestions are welcome!

Me and my "baby"

It's Too Bad Warren's Not Photogenic

Amazingly, it was Jake who would not sit still long enough for me to snap any non-blurry pictures of him. So Warren gets all the attention this time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old Stuff

As I was looking over the pictures I've taken this past month, I realized I forgot to post a few that I wanted you all to see. (Ok, so it's more than a few...)
First: Pancake Breakfast! Every year the local Arcadia Fire Department has a pancake breakfast fundraiser and this was our 3rd year going. The boys love climbing all over the trucks and old police cars. You know, kid heaven, especially for Warren who is SO into fire gucks right now.

Second: Baby Gym! Both boys were able to attend this session (8 weeks long) because Warren was old enough for a class! Our church does 4 sessions a year, next one starting in September. It's a real treat for them to be able to do this every Thursday, they just love it. And a bonus this year is that Daddy can come in to the gym to see them in between chapel and classes!

Third: Shepherd Boys. Enough said.

Man these guys are cute...

And just yesterday: Water Time! It was the last of the hot days yesterday, so we got outside to get drenched. The boys kept me nice and cool by wetting my feet every so often, which is very important if you're just about to pop with baby in 100 degree weather. Fun stuff!

Steve is always close by when we're outside, keeping a wary eye on the boys.

Ryan, Jake and I are on our way to the Dodger game tonight with Glen & Shilo. We're not taking the little guy, it's too hard trying to keep him in a seat. He gets to play with Grammy and Papa instead and go to bed on time!

We can't believe Baby Girl (yet unnamed, any suggestions?) will be here in 4 weeks! Or less, but probably more with my history of being past my due date. We are all eager to see what life with three 3 and under will be like. Hectic to be sure, but so sweet.

Our love to all!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well folks, we made it to graduation after 4 years here at Master's! It was a fantastic ceremony, one that we're sure not to forget any time soon. My parents flew down for the weekend and joining us in the festivities were, of course, Ryan's parents, aunt Pam, and Brian & Christi and their girls. Before the ceremony on Sunday the 11th, we went to lunch after church and had a little bit of time to stroll around Universal City Walk, which all the little kiddos thought was pretty fun. The weather had not gotten hot yet, and was quite a beautiful day. After the ceremony we all came back to our house for pie and ice cream. All the kids were troopers, I was quite surprised at their excellent behavior throughout the entire day.

Now for pictures...

Walking down to the front

All the men who are not graduating are a part of the seminary choir. They sang several hymns, it was excellent! So this is what Ryan has been doing the 3 years prior to graduating!

Right after!

Warren looks good in a grad cap!

This is Ray Mehringer, director of admissions and placement at Master's. We have become quite close with he and his family during our time here.

We keep saying that it doesn't quite feel real yet, probably because Ryan starts summer school on Monday! We get to do this all over again next year when he receives his Master of Theology.


Backing up a little in time...The night before graduation there was a banquet for graduates and their families. So we got to get all dressed up and have a very nice dinner at church. It was a beautiful evening and one of the many special things Master's does for it's graduates. We sat with our friends Glen and Shilo and a few of their family members.

This is Shilo and Missy Mehringer, Ray's wife.

We give all thanks to God for sustaining and providing for us these last few years, what a testimony to His faithfulness and goodness to our family!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The World of Boys

Well these guys never cease to entertain us. Last night they thought it was hilarious to fall backward off of the red chair onto their heads. Got a cute video of it too.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Park Day

I took the boys to the park today...pretty fun. Though with no shade they were quite the little pinky boys at the end.