Friday, June 26, 2009




I bet you thought you’d never see me on here again!  For those we don’t see regularly, we’re still here.  There’s been lots going on with us the last month and a half, so I’ll quickly recap.

Ryan graduated (again!) on May 10th from The Master’s Seminary with a Master of Theology in Bible Exposition.  He also graduated magna cum laude, I might add/brag.

029 It was a long 5 years in seminary, but so worth it.  Our family almost tripled in size during that time!  Well, technically it did, but one is still unborn. :)

Speaking of the unborn…I haven’t actually told you on this blog that he’s a boy!  I had my mid-way ultrasound on our moving day.  Poor Ryan was at home with his sem buddy Joey slavishly loading the moving truck and watching 3 other rugrats while I was watching the wiggles of our little guy on the television screen in the ultrasound room!  As of my last appointment on May 28, all is well with he and I.  The Lord continues to give me easy pregnancies, for which I am very thankful.  Other than being tired towards the end of the day (and who wouldn’t be after keeping up with two very boyish boys?), I’m feeling great.  We have just recently begun trying to come up with a name.  The hardest one to please is Jake!  He hasn’t liked anything so far except Daniel, which is the current favorite. 

Speaking of moving…We left our little Temple City place on May 29 (my mom’s bday too!).  We’ll miss that little house, especially the yard.  I loved having the yard gated all the way around because I didn’t have any fears about the boys and strangers and running out in the middle of the street and such.  Well, except for when they slipped under the gate, but hey, they didn’t figure that out until right before we moved, so it worked out just fine in the end.  We also had great landlords, a quiet street, close grocery shopping, and Grammy and Papa a short jaunt down the freeway.  Except for the close quarters, it was the perfect place.

Since we knew we were leaving southern California, we did some fun things before we left:

Descanso Gardens in La Canada with Grammy…




The Aquarium of the Pacific with Jake’s Master’s Kids class…


060 (gazillions of Nemo and Dori fish)


(Jake took this picture of us, pretty good)

Riding the huge carousel at the mall…

016  (Don’t you love Warren’s cowboy boots with his basketball shorts?  Guess who got himself dressed that morning?)

019 020 (Aubrey and I sat on a bench rather than ride a tiger or something.)

Master’s Kids Graduation…

034 037 038 045 056 (Jake and his best bud Evan from Master’s Kids)



Some general silliness…

003 013



And a birthday party for the wee girl who is now 1…

013 020 (The boys decorated her cupcakes)



(One last goodbye for all the cousins)

Busy times.  There’s much more that’s been going on since we moved up to the Bay Area with my parents, and I’ll have to reserve that for another time.  There’s two little guys here who want an otter pop something awful. 

Thanks for bearing with my absence, I will get to the newest pics sometime soon, as well as a current update on the latest with moving to Washington.

TTFN.  (My aunt Lori gave the boys The Tigger Movie, can you tell?)