Wednesday, August 26, 2009

These Feet Were Made For Walking

Now I am under no delusions that you all want to see a video of Aubrey walking and the boys playing, so don’t feel bad for not viewing it!  This is mostly for the Grandmas and family members that we don’t see often. 

Enjoy (or not)!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blueberry Streusel Masterpieces

Every so often, someone from church will stop by the church office with some goodies for the pastors, and last week we got some freshly picked blueberries—tons of them!  I made some muffins for my sister, and after that barely made a dent into the berry stash, found a recipe for Blueberry Streusel muffins out of my Southern Living Cookbook.  I’m kind of on a muffin kick lately and these are definitely the best that I’ve had in a long time! 


Looks yummy, no?  With a hint of lemon, these berry packed muffins were so delicious piping hot out of the oven.  It also used up most of the rest of the blueberries.  


I finally got in to the doctor to begin regular prenatal visits again.  I found a great midwife group at a local hospital.  I will deliver at the hospital with the midwife on call meeting me there.  I only have 9 weeks left…where has the time gone? 


I’ll leave you with some oldies that never got posted.  These were taken this summer at my parent’s house when Aubrey was learning how to push the walker toy.  This is her excited face, and you have to imagine the “OH!” sound coming out, it was so funny watching her figure it out.

008 012

Until next time…

Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh, Hello!

It has been such a long time since I’ve blogged and I’m going to pretend nothing ever happened and just pick up from my most recent pics.  I have way too many to ever catch up on anyway. 

As far as the last couple of months have gone, we are finally up here in Washington, all settled, and loving it.  That about covers it!  Ryan loves working at the church and we love our new house.  We had quite the heat spell as you probably heard.  Everyone was telling us that we brought it from California.  Yeah right, we came up here to escape the heat!  After another brief hot spell, we’re back down to normal.

So, let’s dive right in!

My FOURTEEN AND A HALF MONTH OLD is now finally walking!  I was beginning to doubt that she ever would.  She can now carry around her dollies and stuffed animals which pleases her immensely.  (We were having a bad hair day.  Bad mommy didn’t fix it when she woke up from a nap).


The wee one is also now an accomplished climber.  She managed to get up on a dining room chair and after bouncing around a little, fall off.  She survived.  And climbed back up.  These pictures were pre-fall.




I know you didn’t really need 3 pictures of the same thing (well, maybe the Grandmas did), but how could I choose just one since they’re all so cute?!

Speaking of cute…


Warren is now the big 3!  I’m sure it didn’t feel any different since he was saying he was 3 about 2 months before his birthday.  We had a few people over for his party, including Grammy and Papa, who were up here visiting.  His birthday (and our anniversary) fell during the nasty heat wave.  It wasn’t so much fun having people over when the house was 95*, but we all lived.  It’s just a fading memory now anyway, with the only thing to remind us of it is all the pink cheeks in the pictures.

035 The Cubs hat from Great-Grandma was (and still is) Warren’s very very most favorite of all time present.  He wears it non-stop, and yes, even to bed. 

036 Check out how sweaty Johnny is!  The poor kiddos were so hot and red.  Hey LeProhon’s—that cool dump truck has never looked the same since that day!  It always has rocks and dirt in it now.  Instead of shiny and yellow, it is now dusty and battered.  In other words, he couldn’t love it more.

039 Instead of a cake, I made cake balls.  They were awe.some.  Cake on a stick, I guess you could say.  It was a bit difficult making them in 100* heat, but overall they turned out great, quite a hit with the kiddos.

Here are just a few random shots from recently. 

013 It might be hard to tell, but the boys are holding hands here.  I caught this sweet moment from inside the house.  They didn’t know I saw them!

016 At Lake Washington celebrating Micah Thompson’s 1st Birthday!  What a gorgeous day in Washington.



Check out the wave hair-do!  I love it.






And final007ly, Aubrey enjoying her first of many (I’m sure) Tootsie Pops.  Tasty.  This was back in July at my parent’s house.  Ok, so I did post some oldies.

See ya’ll soon!