Friday, June 29, 2007

Dog Beds and Jammies

Warren discovered Billy's (the dog) bed. He likes to get up on it and roll around and play. I'm a little grossed out by it because it (naturally) smells like dog and Warren is covered in dog hair when he's done, but he has so much fun on the super-comfy dog bed that I just couldn't ruin all his fun.

As anyone who has spent at least 2 minutes with Jake will know, he loves the movie Cars. He's only seen maybe 3 or 4 movies in his whole life, and this one in Jake's words is "really really good." He's crazy for anything Cars and currently has a lunchbox, playing cars, books, silverware, a plate, bowl, and cup, underwear, and a sticker book that all bear something Cars-ish. So it seemed fitting that Grandma get him some jammies to match his other paraphernalia, which were a big hit.

I tell ya folks, it sure is fun having these boys.

Boxes are the BEST toys

Hands down, boxes win. The contest is officially over, call it a day, the tallies are in. Any time there is a new box in the house, these boys go bonkers. There are endless possiblities when it comes to boxes and Jake thinks of lots of them...a slide, a fort, a parking garage for cars, an instrument with which to squish a little brother, a torture device for cats, and of course, a car where mommy gets to push and pull around 52 pounds of boys. The imaginations of little ones are a thing to behold.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Class Over...for a while anyway

Hello all.

Ryan is now officially finished with his summer class! After a final all-nighter Thursday he completed his paper, memorized the rest of his Bible verses and said them flawlessly, and went to work in the morning! One more semester left. It's been a great ride and has gone by extremely fast with the Lord proving so faithful through the whole thing. It's funny to think that we started seminary with just the two of us and are leaving a family of four!

Speaking of those two cute additions, here are some pictures of the last couple of days.

This was taken under the computer desk! He kept trying to stand up and every time would konk his head, which he thought was hilarious!

Another motorcycle junkie in the making.

Hanging with Grandpa on the hammock.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Two-Wheeled Bug

So Jake has caught the motorcycle bug. After getting used to being on the bike the last couple of days, my dad took him on a longer ride tonight. They left our street and went to see one of the guys who works for my dad that Jake knows (Curt) and then they went looking for deer on the side of the hills around here! Jake saw lots of wild turkeys, but no deer. He absolutely loves riding that motorcycle which makes my dad very happy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boy Stuff

After dinner Tuesday Jake and my dad built a fort. This morning I started taking it apart to put the blocks away and quickly realized from Jake's reaction that this fort will be a permanent fixture (at least for a while).

After dinner Wednesday night, Jake decided he wanted to go for a ride on my dad's motorcycle. My dad told him he couldn't ride unless he had a helmet on, so Jake went and got it out of the garage and wanted to put it on! He had a blast and they rode for about 15 minutes up and down our street. I thought Jake looked like a Storm Trooper, only with a black helmet instead of white!

It's been a busy week!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

Hi Everyone.

I know it's been several days since my last post, almost a week I suppose, but there's really not that much to report. It has been a fantastic time for all up here in Castro Valley so far. Our days looks mostly like this: Ryan gets up earlier than all of us to read/do homework at an hour that most don't even know about, then gets the boys when they begin stirring at around 6:00 a.m. Yes that's right, we are those super-blessed parents who have kids that don't sleep. I was telling my mom last night that I'll just sleep when I'm dead, but in Heaven I won't need sleep, so I guess I'll never get enough sleep while on earth. Thank the Lord for vacations and coffee! The 4 of us have breakfast around 7 or so and then Ryan leaves for work on his bike at 7:30. My mom usually comes down by that time too, so then we all hang out for a while until we mosey on to the daily business of showering and cleaning up. After Warren wakes from his morning nap, sometimes we'll go out on an errand, sometimes we'll play until lunch time. Lunch, back to work, naps for babies, Bible reading, sunning on the hammock (I'm getting a nice little tan here!), play outside after naps until dad and Grandpa come home, eat dinner. Dinner clean-up, baths, Bible reading with boys, bedtime! As a side note, one of the most important things I've learned as a parent is that kids thrive on a schedule. My boys always do better behaviorally speaking when it is a normal day with normal things happening versus a wacky, unorganized day. I'm very thankful for this summer that we get to spend with my parents.

I'm reading a book called Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp which I highly recommend to anyone desiring to raise little ones in the fear of the Lord, which we are all called to do. I'm just about done with it and have learned valuable lessons on discipline and familial relationships. This is one that I know I'll read over and over again as we bring up our children.

Well, I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and I would love to hear from you!

Here are some recent pictures.

This box was way too small for him to be sitting in but he loved it! Look at how his knees are all scrunched up!

Typical Warren fashion: one toy in his hand, another in his mouth!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who's Who?

Tell me if you can! I know I already posted this photo, but couldn't resist putting the two side by side. They are almost the exact same age in these pictures.
Check out those blue blue eyes on both!

Everything is going just swimmingly here. Trip to Costco today, more work, naps, the normal stuff.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Warren Walking

Wo-Wo loves this walker. He was walking up and down the driveway last eve for close to an hour. The tops of his feet were scraped up because he drags them rather than lifts them up! He didn't complain a bit though, he loves this new independence.

My Matching Boys

I don't do this all the time, but occasionally I like to dress Jake and Warren alike. Their Grammy (Cathi) bought them some new clothes and some of the shirts and shorts were matching.

We're having lots of fun here in Castro Valley. Ryan started working for my dad at the office doing mostly paperwork and filing. He enjoys the change of pace for a time. He finished up his last exam for the summer class yesterday morning, so all that's left is a paper and verses to memorize. The boys are loving seeing Grandma and Grandpa everyday, and Billy the dog too. Warren likes to taste Billy's fur.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Odds & Ends

We made it! After leaving only an hour behind schedule Saturday morning (11:00 a.m.) we had a pretty uneventful drive and arrived at 5:30 to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Jake could hardly contain his excitement as we pulled up into the driveway and saw Grandpa walk out of the house! We had a nice time at church this morning and saw lots of friends from our Castro Valley church.

On another note, Warren discovered he loves riding Jake's motorcycle. I put him on it and he held on tight enough for me to let go of him and push him down the driveway! Jake thought it was very funny that Wo-Wo was riding his bike. Here's a pic.

Since he started wearing shoes, Warren is balancing longer and longer after he lets go of furniture. Oh the trouble we'll be in with 2 walking terrors!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Up to my eyeballs...

Even though we're not packing up our whole house, there is still so much to do! We're leaving everything behind except for clothes and toys because we will be coming back here after the summer. I'm thankful that my mom is here to help me out while I finish last minute stuff. Tonight my in-laws are bringing over dinner so that they can see the boys one last time before we leave; I know Jake will miss them dearly. And how true it is 'when it rains it pours.' Our fish tank went kaput last night so I had to go out and get a new one today! As if I had time for that! As if I have time to be writing a post! I suppose that means I better go. Goodbye little house, see you in 10 weeks!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Warren's new favorite pasttime--Screaming.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Elephant Bar

This was at the Elephant Bar for Christi's Birthday dinner. Even with a mask on, Jake is one cute boy!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Aunt Pam's house is SO FUN!

Really, it is! Every time we go over there Jake has a blast swimming and playing with Pam's neat toys. As an added bonus, he sleeps very soundly that night. We were over there for Scott's "official" going-away party. (Pam is Scott's mom, for those that don't know.)

Jake playing with Scott's brother, Taylor.

Best Buds...mostly

Despite being slightly blurry, I think this picture is hilarious and thought it was share-worthy. Warren was up at the TV trying to push buttons and Jake walked over to him and attempted to pick him up under the arms and carry him away. He did a pretty good job, and I was able to get a quick shot right before they tumbled over. How much better can life get with these 2 to entertain us?

Pre-Birthday Birthday

Last Thursday we had a combined party at Grammy & Papa's house (Ryan's parents). We were saying goodbye to cousin Scott as he heads up to Washington to begin his Master's program, as well as celebrate Warren's 1 year b-day 2 months early! Since we are leaving in a couple of days for Castro Valley and Dennis & Cathi will be in Italy during Warren's real birthday, we decided to party now. Warren got lots of new clothes, but the hit present was a new foam football, which he chewed up on the way home that evening. He still likes it though.

This is the boys' uncle Brian and Jaina's daddy. She was too tired to party.