Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our New Years Resolution

To eat more Krispy Kreme.  Done and done.

We started out the new year right!  We drove up to Issaquah and had lunch at Fat Burger (a close rival to In-N-Out for you Californians) and dessert at Krispy Kreme.  We got there just in time to watch the batch being made and enjoy doughnuts as they ought to be: warm and fluffy. 

037 041 mmm…a fountain of glaze.

042 039 (Sorry ‘bout the pink paci Daniel, it was all I had.)

Happy New Year!


Lindsay said...

LOL - Love the pink paci! Classic mom with 4 kids move :-) Hehe. He'll bounce back.

The Hackett Family said...

We have a Krispy Kreme right by us and the kids LOVE to go there and watch the donuts go down the line! Jake is looking like an older boy and little Aubrie is so cute with her little top knot!

Miss you sweet friend,

Cheryl = )

Jessica said...

That's because we have his blue one...I'll send it with Isaac tomorrow to church ;) Can't come, Johnny has Jake's awesome cough...and Jeanine is getting it too I think. Ick, we'll see. Gotta love cousin love by way of germs, ew.