Saturday, September 26, 2009

life lessons from the week

~on sampling grapes from your yard:

ALWAYS take a teeny-tiny bite before you’re sure it won’t be the most bitter thing you’ve ever tasted.




~on awesome hair-dos:

ALWAYS take a picture.  Or a lot.



~on letting your baby help you wrap a gift:

Just do it.  Even if it’s messier and more time consuming.

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~on playing the saxophone:

ALWAYS encourage proper technique.




~on making birthday goodies for a certain now 30 husband:

ALWAYS go the extra mile and make homemade chocolate cupcakes with chocolate marshmallow-frosting and Snickers and Big Hunks on top.  He will love you more than he did yesterday.  (or is that “he will love more of you than yesterday because you gained 3.5 pounds from eating batter and marshmallows”? No, that’s just baby weight.)  And your boys will have way more fun making them than if they came from a box.  You will also giggle a lot on the floor of the kitchen with said boys while licking the remaining frosting out of the bowl.



~on living a half-mile from an alpaca farm:

ALWAYS go when they have open farm days.  Especially when they have a 2 hour old baby alpaca.

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(This gal and I had lots in common…she was about to deliver any day now)

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Summer said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan!

And your pictures are so much fun to look at. Your kiddos are so adorable!

The Hackett Family said...

Hi Jen,

It's so wonderful to see the family. How cute all the kids are. I hope and pray that you and Ryan are enjoying your new house and job. I miss you and I hope to talk to you soon. Make sure you post a photo of the new baby (as soon as he arrives) I can't wait to see him. Love ya (and I didn't forget about you, I'm just running behind) your bag is on the way = )

Big Hug,

Cheryl = )

KNJ said...

The alpaca farm looks like a TON of fun! Let us know the next time there is an "open farm" day and we would love to join you!