Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diary of a 4th…

Dear readers of mom’s blog:

My parents love me, they tell me that all the time, but the photo evidence is severely lacking.  Could you please ask them to step it up and document my existence?  Now that that’s out of the way, here are a few of the pictures they have taken.

First of all, my birth day was very memorable for my family, for reasons other than the obvious.  It was very cold that day and hailed around lunch time.  The hail stuck for hours and looked like snow out in the fields; it was so beautiful, or so I’m told.

002 004

So anyway, things here are good.  On my second day home I was initiated into siblinghood by Aubrey.  She was “showing” me a Thomas train and bashed me in the head with it.  I got a little scrape, but nothing serious.  Mom wanted to take a picture of it, but, well, she didn’t. 

My brothers and sister love me like crazy.  Sometimes a little too crazy, but I think I like it.  Warren wants to hold me lots, and Aubrey is always kissing me.  Jake is a great big brother and brings mom diapers and things all the time.  It’s very helpful for her.

004 (All bundled up, ready to go home!)

007 (See? all. the. time. That’s how much Warren wants to hold me!)



(Snoozin’ after a long hard day)

These next ones are some of mom’s favorites ever.  Aubrey is so thrilled with me, and these pictures show that. 

025 026 027 028 How cute is that?! 

Mom and dad have a bouncy chair for me, which I kinda like, but Aubrey thinks it’s for her.  Since she’s still so little, she meets the weight requirement and mom lets her play in it.  I think I’ll need it more when I’m a little older, so for now I’ll just let her play with it.



And this last picture is for Grammy.  Grammy sent my brothers and sister some presents and this one of Aubrey is how they all felt about what she sent.  Pure happiness and excitement!!  Thanks Grammy!  I love my new sleepers too!


Ok everyone, almost time to eat.  Again.  Hope you all are well, hope to meet you soon.  Mom said she’s not promising anything concerning the blog, as life is just a tad busier now, but she’ll try.  Love to all!


Lauren said...

Gah!! Those pics of Aubrey with Daniel are *TOO* cute! :)

Julie said...

I love every single picture!
keep 'em coming (as much as you can).

The Trainer said...

You guys sure have a knack for popping out cute kids! Congratulations, my friend. Bask in the Lord's good blessings.

Lindsay said...

He's so adorable!!

Kari Watson said...

So eloquent, yet so young. And we thought your daddy was kidding when we said he'd taught you 'all' already... not only theology, but computer skills! Impressive!