Thursday, February 4, 2010

mr. fix-it

Or, perhaps he is more aptly titled, “Mr. Take It All Apart and Can’t Remember How to Put it Together Again.”

010 Either way, the Jakeman seriously enjoys unscrewing his toys and finding out what’s inside.  So far he’s taken apart this saxophone and a remote controller for a robot.  A new hobby, or a calling?


Julie said...

He will take after his grandpa when he puts things back together and has parts left over - but they still work!

jeanine fogler said...

Spencer was a "take apart" guy. Total engineering mind. Once he took apart a TV and got shocked. Another time he scrounged a VCR out of a neighbor's trash, took it apart, fixed it and then gave it back to them. So funny...he was about 10 or 11. Good time ahead! I love watching your children grow!