Saturday, March 27, 2010

some sibling love

Greetings bloggy world! It’s been a while. I barely had time to catch my breath after Daniel was born, and now we have a 5 month old! Those precious newborn moments are all but gone, and replacing our sleepy, snuggly, pink infant is a very happy, cooing, rolling, wiggly little baby who just adores his siblings. This little guy is the most content, happy baby that we’ve ever had, and such a joy to have around.

034I’ve been a little (a lot) camera lazy, so Daniel doesn’t have as much documentation of his early days as the other children, but that’s what Grandmas are for, right? By the way moms, I’ll be wanting all those pictures you take of the kids when you’re here. :)

Just a recap on where all the kiddos are:


Jake: 5 1/2 years old (I know! Can you believe it? Cause I can’t) This is one lean, mean, reading machine. He devours any and all books he can get his hands on. This was really amazing for me to see because we had started a kindergarten phonics program at home, and halfway through it he had all the tools he needed to take off with reading. It really became clear that he was a reader one day at my sister’s house. We were in their kitchen and Jake saw a picture on the wall and said, “Hey, that says, ‘Enjoy a little taste of Italy!’” Well, needless to say, I sure never taught him to read “Italy” and “taste” and “enjoy”! You give this kid a little tiny bit of fuel for his brain, and he takes off like a rocket. Amazing.

044 Warren: 3 1/2, he’ll be 4 this summer. Warren is, and always has been, the wild child. He cracks us up with his goofy facial expressions and funny sayings. Yesterday I asked him if he had to go potty, and his response was, “No, I just went 2 weeks ago.” Warren is the Awana Bible verse expert, and memorizing comes very easily to him. I wish I had his brain.



029 Aubrey: 2 in three months! Gah! This little girl is still very girly, and enjoys choosing her own clothes. Her vocabulary exploded all of a sudden (wonder why, with 2 older brothers constantly gabbing at her) and she surprises and delights us with the words and sentences she comes up with. Aubrey is a little ball of fire, and the challenge is teaching her to control herself, especially with the screaming. She loves giving kisses to us all.


What a joy all these children bring to Ryan and I. Sometimes it feels overwhelming being responsible for so many precious lives, but His grace is sufficient.


Look at this face!

Hope you’re all well, I would love to hear from you!


Julie said...

I love, love, love the pictures. It's a grandma thing! I'm going to use Warren's "two weeks" line. I don't know how yet, but something will pop into my head!

Lindsay said...

oh good to "hear" from you!! Your kids are so adorable...and reading?! TOO AWESOME. I can't wait for el to start. She can spell a lot of 3 letter words, and sound a few out, but apparently putting the sounds together fast is hard. ;-) It'll come.

Glad you're doing well. Was going from 3 to 4 a hard adjustment??

G&S said...

Just wanted to peek on the Daniel cuddle before I go to bed for the night :). Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

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